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8 comments on “ Who Came First - Grossglockner - Odd Songs And Heroes (Cassette)

  1. Then the BEF, and I feel old dating myself like this, it first came out as a cassette and it was very rare for an artist to release an album on cassette. There was one song on there, I think it's called 'The Decline Of The West' and it still stands as one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard.
  2. The Edge looks like the odd man out in this trio; a strange choice of musicians--one can't even call it a tribute to guitar heroes ("Jack who??"). Page- Beck-Clapton would have made more sense. Or just Page alone-- he is certainly an interesting enough person, and a creative and innovative enough musician, to have deserved a documentary to.
  3. Nov 30,  · His first tape, Earl, and his official debut, Doris, rest squarely in the Odd Future canon.
  4. That’s why, at first glance, it’s baffling that millennial music lovers are embracing the cassette tape, as new indie cassette labels are popping up all over the country. Over the last decade, the retro format has gotten so hip that an annual event called Cassette Store Day launched in and big-name artists like the Flaming Lips, They.
  5. Oct 05,  · A handful of theme songs from TV shows in off-network syndication were recorded as well: I Love Lucy and The Munsters in , Gilligan’s Island and The Dick Van Dyke Show in , and The Addams Family in Rare Theme Songs. I remember listening to the cassette tape with some of these theme songs on it when I was a kid.
  6. The harder the riffs, the better. One day, though, I was driving home from work and the local DJ intro'd a brand new song from Dion. My first thought was to switch channels but decided to listen. As "Written on a Subway Wall/Little Star" started I was mesmorized. I went out that night and purchased the cassette tape of "Yo Frankie"/5(76).
  7. Happy Puppy Records is a netlabel based in Canada since Artists include the ambient experimental work of Lee Rosevere, Graffiti Mechanism, The Cosmopolitans, XTC Tribute, Music for Vampires, Screamin' White Jefferson, Logan Whitehurst, .
  8. Jul 31,  · Mohammed Rafi delivered live performances in West Indies, Fiji, US, UK, East Africa and other parts of the world. (Express archive photo) Attributing Rafi’s dominance to his own egotistic scheming would be a travesty, for his popularity rested on the sheer magic of his voice (on any actor) onscreen, taking the audience on a roller coaster of emotions.

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