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  1. ADVERTISEMENTS: After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and variation of magnetic declination, with some examples. Meaning of Magnetic Declination: Except in few places, the magnetic meridian at a place does not coincide with the true meridian at that place. The horizontal angle which the magnetic mariotion makes with the true meridian [ ].
  2. The difference between true north and magnetic north is called magnetic declination or magnetic variation. Some sources also erroneously refer to it as magnetic deviation. It's essential to take this phenomenon into account when navigating with a compass. Find celestial objects in the sky.
  3. Use the tool below to compute values for the geomagnetic field and secular variation for a given set of coordinates and date. This calculator uses the World Magnetic Model as released in Dec Choose the geodetic latitude and longitude either by entering the coordinates into the form below (decimal degrees may be entered into the 'degrees' field, and degrees S or W should be entered with.
  4. Positive and Negative Magnetic Declination or Variation. A diagram in the map margin will show the difference (declination) at the centre of the map between magnetic north and true north. Where magnetic north is west of true north, the compass needle is deflected to the left.
  5. The first is magnetic declination or variation—the angular difference between magnetic North (the local direction of the Earth's magnetic field) and true North. The second is magnetic deviation —the angular difference between magnetic North and the compass needle due to nearby sources of interference such as magnetically permeable bodies, or other magnetic fields within the field of .

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