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8 comments on “ Dropping Like Flies (Dance Mix) - Various - 9 Videos Tied (VHS)

  1. Kitkatkatester is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom.
  2. Notes: 1. Real Life(tm) keeps getting in the way of me replying to all your beautiful comments, but holy crap you guys. I write fic as a vastly deficient gesture of my gratitude to all of you who keep churning out all the wonderful stories for my grubby little hands to clutch, and the fact you've commented and liked one of MINE is overwhelming like whoa.
  3. Betsy remains MIA until soldiers Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding Jr. find her in the backyard of a young girl, who’s been feeding the animal apples for weeks while nearby townsfolk drop like flies. Thankfully, Cuba’s ace aim downs Betsy with a tranq dart, just in .
  4. Dec 17,  · To a phased energy beam like a phaser, the Falcon's shields might as well not even exist. If the ships did fight, the Defiant would win inside of 10 seconds. You can't really even compare the two ships, as they have totally different defensive technologies. It's like comparing a Ferengi to a Horta. You just can't do it.
  5. Like with Leomon, the canon Calumon as a character is Adapted Out, and in its place is an OC of the same species. Since digivolution in Digimon Re: Tamers isn't exclusively tied to Calumon like it was in the canon, the Calumon from the original doesn't appear. That being said, this particular OC Calumon appears due to it serving as the direct.
  6. Rap music is all the rage, but Rap Culture makes it more difficult for non-blacks to get along with crazy-ass Negroes into Thugro Culture.) Once Dylan went electric, inhibitions began to drop like flies in the Folkie community despite the opposition of diehard purists, and many soon followed in Dylan’s footsteps.
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